Hebei Jiurun Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Xichenggezhuang, Shucheng Town, Hejian City, Hebei Province, China

Tel.: +86-317-5690316

Fax: +86-317-5203010

  • Regular Service

  • As a well-known supplier of rubber and plastic products, we offer a range of services for our customers.

    Range of Services
    1. Sales Consulting

    You can discuss our products and company over phone, email or in person with our distributors and salesman. Make an appointment today.

    2. Product Consulting
    Once you have decided which product to use, we will consult with you on the production cycle, the product specifications, and the applications for which you'll use the product so that we can design the best rubber or plastic product for your needs.

    3. Service Consulting
    If you have any issues with your product, you can contact us and we will respond to you within 24 hours, finding quick and effective solutions.

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  • Customization Service

  • JIURUN is a manufacturer of a wide variety of rubber and plastic products. We also provide customized products to meet your specific needs. Just show us any drawing, ideas, photos, or samples you have, tell us the specifications of material, color, properties (anti-slip, antistatic, etc) size, and any other feature you want your product to have. We will try our best to help turn your ideas into reality.

    Customization Service Process
    1. Order Confirmation

    Once we decide on a design, our staff will confirm the product order with you and offer a quotation.

    2. Sample Making
    For first-time customers or for customizable products, we will create a sample order for you.

    3. Bulk Production
    Once you approve the sample product or have another order, we will create a bulk production order directly. Then the production department will make a proper production plan to guarantee good product quality and on-time delivery.

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