Hebei Jiurun Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Xichenggezhuang, Shucheng Town, Hejian City, Hebei Province, China

Tel.: +86-317-5690316

Fax: +86-317-5203010

Company Tour

JIURUN is a large industrial product manufacturer with factories in Beijing,Hebei, Shandong and many other areas in China. With over 200 employees and facilities covering an area of 13000m2, JIURUN can offer quality and cost-effective rubber, plastic, sealing and insulating products. Check out the photos below to take a virtual tour of our factory.

1. Product Exhibition Hall
2. Production Workshops

Our production workshops hold hundreds of sets of small, medium-sized and large equipment used for the production of rubber and plastic products. The advanced production equipment guarantees not only the good product quality but also high production efficiency.

3. Warehouses