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Fiberglass Mesh

Our fiberglass mesh is an ideal engineering material for the building industry and is widely used for wall reinforcement, external wall insulation and waterproof roofs. The fiberglass cloth produced by our company is also able to serve as the reinforcement material for walling building materials such as cement, plastic, asphalt, marble, and mosaics.

Regular Specifications and Parameters of Fiberglass Mesh
1. Mesh size: 12×12mm, 10×10mm, 8×8mm, 5mm×5mm, 4mm×4mm, 3mm×3mm
2. Weight (per square meter): 80~160g
3. Length (per roll): 50 or 100m (max. 300m)
4. Fabric width: 1~2m
5. Color: White (standard), yellow, blue, green or other colors
6. Packaging specification: Blister packaging for each fiberglass mesh roll; 4 or 6 rolls/carton; 16 or 32 rolls/pallet

Note: Specially customized specifications or packaging for fiberglass mesh is available.

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