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Bakelite Sheet, Bakelite Rod

Our bakelite sheets and rods are manufactured using top quality bleached wood paper and cotton lint paper as reinforcement material and phenolic resin as a binding agent. The phenolic aldehyde resin we use is prepared with high-purity synthetic petrochemical materials.

Due to its insulating, antistatic, and wear and temperature resistant properties, our bakelite sheet and rod are fit for a wide range of applications, such as the manufacturing of insulating switches and variable resistance for electronic products and the production of mechanical molds and jigs used in production lines.

The phenolic laminated board can also be used to make parts of electric motors, electrical equipment and insulation systems, such as the insulating parts of ICT, ITE jigs, testing jigs, silicone rubber key molds, jig plates, mold clamping plates, grinding plates for work platform, and packaging machines.

Types and Sizes of Bakelite Rods
Type: Laminated type or extruded type
Rod Size: 6~200mm×1000mm (Length of the extruded bakelite rod is customizable.)

Parameters of Bakelite Sheet
Sheet Thickness: 0.5~100mm
Regular size: 1200mm×1800mm, 1000mm×2000mm, 1200mm×2400mm
Color: Orange, black, yellow, coffee
Specific gravity: 1.4~1.45g/cm3
Temperature resistance (continuous): 140℃

Nominal Diameter and Permissible Variation (Unit: mm)

Nominal diameter Permissible variation (Tolerance) Nominal diameter Permissible variation (Tolerance)
5~12 ±0.5 >28~45 ±1.5
>12~16 ±0.7 >45~65 ±2.0
>16~28 ±1.0 >65~100 ±2.3

Length and Permissible Variation (Unit: mm)

Length Variation Length Variation
450~900 ±15 >900~1250 ±25
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