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Gland Packing

This type of gland packing is made from soft graphite and different kinds of fibers. Our seal packing can be reinforced using carbon fiber, copper wire, 304/316L stainless steel wire or inconel wire based on the customer's specific needs.

The gland packing we provide is used for shaft seals, pump seals and pipeline seals in the oil, chemical, electric power, metallurgical, mechanical and paper making industries.

Types of Gland Packing
1. Packing made from natural fibers: Cotton yarn, flax and ramie fiber packing
2. Packing made from synthetic fibers: Graphite, carbon fiber, PTFE, Kevlar, acrylic packing
3. Packing made from mineral fibers: Asbestos packing
4. Packing made from ceramic and metals: Ceramic fiber, glass fiber, silicon carbide, boron carbide packing
5. Packing with rubber core
6. Packing with steel wire

Parameters of Gland Packing
Size: 3×3mm~50×50mm
Packaging specification: 3~10kg/roll, packaged with plastic bags, 4~8 rolls/carton
Minimum order quantity: 50kg
Cross section shape: Square, round and rectangular

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