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Asbestos Rubber Sheet

Our asbestos rubber sheet is made of asbestos, natural rubber and fillers pressed together. These asbestos rubber plates are available in high, moderate, and low pressures and are resistant to oils, acids, and alkali. The asbestos rubber sheet can serve as a sealing material for pipe flanges, high pressure vessel flanges and other mechanical connection fittings.

Parameters of Asbestos Rubber Sheet

Model XB150 , XB200, XB250, XB300, XB350, XB400, XB450;
NY150, NY200, NY300;
NS200, NS300, NS400
Density 1. 8~2.0g/cm3
Working temperature 150~500 ℃
Working pressure 1.5~5Mpa
Tensile strength ≥ 5~15Mpa
Loss on ignition ≤30%
Compression ratio 12±5%
Resilience ratio ≥40%
Surface treatment Graphite coating
Internal reinforcement Steel wire mesh insertion
Color Black, blue, red, green, beige, grey and other customized colors
Packaging Woven bag or pallet
Maximum container capacity 27 tons
Minimum order quantity 3 tons
Size of asbestos rubber panel 4100×1500×(0.4~6.0)mm
1270×1270×(0.4 -6.0)mm
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