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Plastic Sheets, Rods and Tubes

    1. Rigid PVC Sheet

      Thickness: 0.8~60mm
      Width: 1000-1500mm
      Finish: Smooth, frosted texture, dot pattern, etc.
      Regular size: 1000×2000, 1220×2440, 1300×2000, 1500×3000mm

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      Thickness: 0.8~60mm
      Width: 1300mm, 1500mm
      Finish: Smooth, frosted texture, dot pattern, etc.

    1. Soft PVC Sheet

      Thickness: 2~10mm
      Width: 1m~1.3m
      Specific gravity: 1.4g/cm3~1.7g/cm3

    1. PVC Rod

      Diameter: 10~300mm
      Packaging: Pallet
      Specific gravity: 1.4~1.55g/cm3

    1. PVC Welding Rod

      Width: 2~6mm
      Length: Any length
      Regular packing specification: 5kg/plastic bag

    1. PVC Strip Curtain

      Thickness: 1mm~6mm
      Width: 100mm~600mm
      Finish: Flat, ribbed, hollowed-out, frosted, corrugated, etc.

    1. Non-Slip PVC Matting

      Width: 1000mm~2000mm
      Thickness: 1.4mm~5mm
      Length: Customizable, usually 10~30m

    1. PVC Coil Mat

      Width: 0.9m~1.22m
      Length: 6m~20m
      Weight: 2.5kg~6kg/m2

    1. S Type PVC Floor Mat

      Material: PVC
      Thickness: 3.5, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 8, 9mm
      Size: 1.2×15m, 0.9×15m (±2cm for width)

    1. PE Sheet, PE Rod

      Thickness: 2mm~300mm
      Standard Specifications of PE Rod
      Diameter: 10~300mm

    1. PU Sheet, PU Rod, PU Tube

      Sheet Thickness: 1-300mm
      Rod Diameter: 5-350mm
      Tube Diameter: 2-300mm
      Density/Specific Gravity: 1.15-1.25g/cm3
      Color: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Brown, Black, etc

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      PU (polyurethane) is an elastomer similar to plastic and rubber, but with a better overall performance.

    1. Nylon Sheets, Nylon Rods

      Nylon sheets and rods are of high tensile and bending strength, good dimensional stability and low water absorption.

    1. ESD PVC Grid Curtain

      Resistance of the inner surface: 107-8Ω
      Static voltage decay period: +V0.30S -V0.40S

We offer a large selection of plastic sheets, rods and tubes. Our lightweight plastic products are widely used industrial materials due to their stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance, wear and impact resistance and good electricity insulation and heat conduction. With a low processing cost and large output, the plastic sheet, rod and tube can be used in chemical, metallurgical, machine manufacturing, medical, electronic and food processing industries.

Our plastic sheets, rods and tubes come in many materials including PVC, PS, PE, PP, PU, POM, PTFE, PMMA, and PA. In addition to plastic sheets, rods and tubes, we also produce plastic products in rolls and mats.