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Non-Slip PVC Matting

The non-slip PVC matting produced by our company is a sort of heavy duty flooring suitable for industrial and commercial environments. This PVC mat provides an easy solution for flooring that is wearing, peeling, dusty, or damp.

Our non-slip plastic matting can be laid on the ground of hotels, sports venues, conference halls, shopping malls, airports, harbors, trains, ships and automobiles. It works well in heavy forklifts, pallet trucks, cars, heavy trucks, bustling industrial plants and other highly populated places.

1. The non-slip PVC matting is reusable, and is easy to place and remove. If part of the plastic matting is damaged, you can replace the damaged parts rather than the entire floor.
3. We offer a modern design with customized colors for a bright, clean, and protective PVC mat.
4. This non-slip PVC matting is more durable and flexible than traditional wood and epoxy flooring.
5. Our PVC floor mat is insulating and absorbs noise, protecting your floors and keeping you away from the cold.
6. This product has good slip resistance even in wet environments.

Specifications and Parameters of Non-Slip PVC Matting
Width: 1000mm~2000mm
Thickness: 1.4mm~5mm
Length: Customizable, usually 10~30m
Color: White, blue, brown, gray, black, green, red, etc.
Pattern: Dots, stripes, diamond pattern, grid, etc.
Packing: Woven bags, upon customers' requests

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