PVC Strip Curtain

Our PVC strip curtains and curtain kits are transparent to let more light into the room.

Its wear resistance makes the PVC curtain great for large restaurants, supermarkets, and other public places that are highly populated. Due to the resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, the PVC strip curtain is also used in cold storage rooms, hospitals, chemical plants and pharmaceutical factories.

Standard Size of PVC Strip Curtain

Width Thickness Length
200mm 2mm ,3mm 50m
300mm 2mm , 3mm ,4mm 50m
400mm 2mm , 3mm ,4mm 50m

Specifications and Parameters of PVC Strip Curtain
Thickness: 1mm~6mm
Width: 100mm~600mm
Color: Transparent, semitransparent, opaque in blue, green, yellow, red, amber, black, etc.
Finish: Flat, ribbed, hollowed-out, frosted, corrugated, etc.
Working temperature: -50℃~+ 70℃
Specific gravity: 1.25~1.35g/cm3
Packaging: Stretch film, carton and pallet
Minimum order quantity: 20 rolls

PVC Door Curtain Hanging Kits
1. Size of hanging rail: 1m (L) ×1cm (W)
2. Size of clamping plates: 150mm (W) ×1mm (T); 200mm (W) ×1mm (T); 300mm (W) ×1mm (T)
3. Material: Stainless steel

Using Instructions for PVC Door Curtain Hanging Kits
Curtain in width of 150mm or 200mm needs 1m-long hanging rail, 8 sets of clamping plates and 24 screws.
Curtain in width of 200mm or 300mm needs 1m-long hanging rail, 6 sets of clamping plates and 18 screws.
Curtain in width of 300mm or 400mm needs 1m-long hanging rail, 4 sets of clamping plates and 16 screws.

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