PVC Welding Rod

The PVC welding rod is made from polyvinylchloride and produced in compliance with China's HGB2161-62 standards. This plastic welding rod features acid & alkali corrosion resistance, high durability and excellent welding performance. Our non-toxic PVC rods can be welded with PVC sheets, PVC pipes, and other engineering plastics as well as anti-corrosive environmental equipment. We offer PVC welding rods in natural, white, gray, beige, blue and other customizable colors.

Specifications and Parameters of PVC Welding Rod
Width: 2~6mm
Length: Any length
Shape: Single-strand, double-strand, triple-strand, triangular, semicircular/quadrant etc.
Regular size: Single-strand: 4.0mm; Double-strand: 2.5mm or 3.0mm; triple-strand: 3.0mm; Triangular shape: 3×5mm or 4×6mm
Regular packing specification: 5kg/plastic bag
Minimum order quantity: 50kg

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