1. The PVC rod has the advantages of stable chemical properties, low tension fracture stress, high strength and high rigidity.
2. Our extruded PVC rods are flame-retardant and can be joined with adhesives or welding.
3. The PVC rod works wells between -15℃ to +60℃.

As one of the most commonly used plastic materials, our PVC rods work well in industrial production, construction, packaging, electric power, and public utilities.

This product is used to make durable chemical products, anti-corrosive chemical industrial equipment, liners, soft mats, electrolytic tanks, electroplating tanks, pumps, valves, bearing retainers, industrial brushes, dental instruments, decoration materials, drilling core sleeves, exhaust pipes, chemical pipelines, etc.

Specifications and Parameters of PVC Rod
Diameter: 10~300mm
Length: 1000mm, 2000mm, or custom
Color: gray, white, black and other customizable colors
Specific gravity: 1.4~1.55g/cm3
Manufacturing process: Extrusion
Packaging: Pallet
Minimum order quantity: 500kg
Container capacity: 18~27 tons, depending on the specific weight limit of the shipment company and the destination port
Production cycle: Within 15 days

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