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Transparent Soft PVC Sheet

1. Our transparent soft PVC sheet is a superior flexible plastic material featuring bright colors and smooth surface with no bubbles or cracks.
2. This transparent PVC sheet comes with the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, high tensile resistance, good light transmittance and long service life.
3. The appearance, density, tensile strength, resistance to low temperatures, hardness and corrosion resistance of this soft plastic sheet are all in conformity with SG245-81A standards.

Transparent soft PVC sheets are great for making the tops of work benches and office desks, as well as the windows of doors. It is widely used in electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and garment factories.

Specifications and Parameters of Transparent Soft PVC Sheet
Thickness: 0.2mm~10mm
Width: 0.2m~1.8m
Length: Customizable
Regular size: 50kg/roll
Specific gravity: 1.2~1.3g/cm3
Manufacturing process: Extrusion and rolling
Color: Transparent, black, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, etc. It can be customized according to the customer’s requirement and RAL industrial color swatches.
Packaging: The clear PVC sheet is packaged in roll form and put on pallets.
Minimum order quantity: 1000kg
Container capacity: 18~25 tons, depending on the specific weight limit of the shipment company and the destination port
Production cycle: Within 10 days

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