Soft PVC Sheet

1. The soft PVC sheet has a glossy surface and comes in brown, green, white or gray.
2. This flexible PVC sheet is resistant to cold temperatures, abrasions, acid and alkali corrosion.
3. Because it is unlikely to tear and very easy to work with in welding, our PVC sheet roll is often a better choice over rubber rolls.

The soft PVC sheet we produce works for a wide range of applications such as lining anti-corrosive equipment, chemical storage tanks, insulation mats, conveyer belts for mines, tabletop mats for factories, floor or wall decorations, and train and automotive interiors.

Specifications and Parameters of Soft PVC Sheet
Thickness: 2~10mm
Width: 1m~1.3m
Length: Customizable
Regular size: 50kg/roll
Specific gravity: 1.4g/cm3~1.7g/cm3
Manufacturing process: Extrusion
Color: White, black, blue, green, red, purple, yellow or other customized colors based on RAL industrial color swatches.
Finish: Smooth or patterned
Packaging: Woven bag
Minimum order quantity: 1000kg
Container capacity: 18~27 tons, depending on the specific weight limit of the shipment company and the destination port
Production cycle: Within 7 days

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