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Transparent Rigid PVC Sheet

1. Our transparent rigid PVC sheet is a high-strength plastic sheet material produced using high-grade raw materials.
2. This product is available in dark blue, dark brown, coffee brown and other customized colors.
3. The transparent rigid PVC sheet has superior properties to glass.
4. This clear plastic sheet is odorless, non-toxic, hygienic and resistant to poor weather.

Our transparent rigid PVC sheet is ideal material for making guard panels for mechanical equipment, auto interiors, drinking water tanks, liquid level displays, protection covers, light boxes, and packaging.

Specifications and Parameters of Transparent Rigid PVC Sheet
Thickness: 0.3~20mm
Width: 0.9m~1.5m
Length: Customizable
Regular size: 1000×2000, 1220×2440, 1300×2000, 1500×3000mm
Specific gravity: 1.4g/cm3
Manufacturing process: Extrusion
Color: Clear, black, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, etc. Other customized colors based on customers' requirements or the RAL industrial color swatch are also available.
Finish: Smooth or frosted.
Packaging: The transparent PVC sheet is covered with protective films on one side or both sides and then packed by pallet.
Pallet: The pallet is the same size as that of the clear plastic sheet. The wood pallet is fumigated. One pallet generally holds 1~2t PVC sheet materials.
Minimum order quantity: 3 tons
Container capacity: 18~23 tons, depending on the specific weight limit of the shipment company and the destination port
Production Time (Delivery Time): Within 7 days

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