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ESD PVC Grid Curtain

Our ESD PVC grid curtain is made from a thin antistatic PVC film printed with black conductive ink. The conductive ink increases our PVC curtain's conductivity. ESD PVC curtains we make are used in the electronic, clock, food, pharmaceutical and cold storage industries.

Parameters of ESD PVC Grid Curtain
1. Resistance of the outer surface: 104-6Ω for the grid surface, 107-10Ω for the non-grid surface
2. Resistance of the inner surface: 107-8Ω
3. Static voltage decay period: +V0.30S -V0.40S
4. Regular color: Full-transparent, transparent black grid, black grid, yellow grid
5. Packaging: Carton

Regular Sizes of ESD PVC Grid Curtain (Other customized sizes for ESD grid curtain are available.)

JR-0.3 0.3mm 1370mm 30m 16kg/roll
JR-0.5 0.5mm 1370mm 30m 26.7kg/roll
JR-1.0 1.0mm 1370mm 30m 53.4kg/roll
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