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Nylon Sheets, Nylon Rods

Our nylon sheets and rods are of high tensile and bending strength, good dimensional stability and low water absorption. They are resistant to abrasions, oils and shock, and thus are often used to manufacture high strength mechanical parts.

The cast nylon sheet and rod are ideal plastic materials which can affordably replace steel, iron, copper or alloy for producing wear-resistant parts used in mechanical equipment. They are also often used to make transmission components, household appliance components, automotive parts, and chemical machinery parts, such as a turbine, gear, bearing, impeller, crank, instrument panel, drive shaft, valve, blade, screw rod, high pressure gasket, screw, nut, sealing washer, shuttle, sleeve, and bushing connector.

Parameters of Nylon Sheet & Rod

Item Extruded PA 6 sheet Nylon rod
Type Extruded, MC cast Extruded, MC cast
Color Natural, black, blue, green, red and other colors Natural, black, blue, green, red and other colors
Size 1000×2000mm, 1000×1000mm, 600×1200mm 10mm to 200mm
Thickness 1mm to 100mm 1m, 500mm, 250mm
Packaging PE film and pallet Wood box
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