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POM Sheet, POM Rod, POM Tube

POM is an engineering thermoplastic with a high melting point and high crystallinity. We offer POM sheets, rods and tubes in custom sizes.

1. With a low friction coefficient and excellent geometric stability, our POM sheeting and tubing are ideal materials for making gears and bearings.
2. Its resistance to high temperature makes POM plastic sheet suitable for manufacturing piping components (pipeline valve, pump housing) and lawn irrigation equipment.
3. Our POM sheets, rods and tubes are tough and elastic, and are able to keep good creep property, geometric stability and impact resistance even in low temperatures.
4. POM materials has a shrinkage ratio as high as 2%~3.5% due to its high crystallinity. The shrinkage ratios of different reinforced POM materials vary from each other.
5. As a crystalline plastic, POM sheet has a clear melting point. As long as the temperature reaches the POM's melting point, the melt viscosity of POM will decrease sharply.

POM plastic sheets are used to manufacture all kinds of sliding or rotating machinery, precision parts, gears, bearings, etc. They are widely used in the automobile, electronic, garment making, medical, and sports equipment industries.

Specification of POM Sheet
Thickness Length × Width
3~5mm 610mm×1220mm
6~10mm 1020mmx2040mm, 1020mmx1020mm, 610mmx1220mm
15~60mm 1020mmx2040mm, 1020mmx1020mm, 610mmx1220mm
65~150mm 610mm×1220mm, 1020mm×1220mm, 1020mmx1020mm
Specification of POM Rod
Diameter Length
2mm~5mm (in roll) Any length
6mm~100mm 1000mm, 3000mm
110mm-250mm 1000mm
Specification of POM Tube
Outer diameter Length
2mm~300mm 1000mm, 2000mm
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