PE Sheet, PE Rod

The PE sheet and rod are treated with internal stress relieving. We use completely new PE raw materials rather than reclaimed materials to produce our products. After years of improvement, the PE sheeting and PE rod won't easily fracture, have bubbles, or deform or warp.

1. Our PE sheet and rod are ideal materials for making such things as medical instruments, sealing elements, cutting boards, and sliding profiles.
2. The PE plastic sheets are used to make pipes for fuel delivery, water supply, sewage drainage, agricultural irrigation and fine solid particle transportation.
3. PE sheets and rods offered by our company work for a wide range of applications in chemical, mechanical, electric power, garment, packaging, food, oil exploration and telecommunications industries.

Standard Specifications of PE Sheet
Size: 300×300mm, 600×600mm, 1000×2000mm, 1220×2440mm, 1300×2000mm, 1500×3000mm, 2000x3000mm
Thickness: 2mm~300mm
Color: Natural, beige, milk white, porcelain white, etc. Other customized colors are available.

Standard Specifications of PE Rod
Diameter: 10~300mm
Length: 1m or 2m
Color: White, gray, beige, natural and other customized colors

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