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S Type PVC Floor Mat

The floors in bathrooms, changing rooms and swimming pool areas are often wet and slippery. Our S type PVC floor mat keeps wet areas dry and safe with its excellent hydrophobic performance. Lay a non-slip PVC mat in the changing room, bathroom or swimming pool area to keep people safe when walking through those areas.

This hydrophobic anti slip floor mat collects dust or sand so the water drains more easily. You can remove the dust and sand simply by washing the mat with water. This hydrophobic floor mat can be used in workshops, warehouses, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies and corridors, toilets, train stations, airports, coach stations, and bridges.

Specification and Parameters of S Type PVC Floor Mat
Material: PVC
Color: Red, gray, green, blue and other customized color
Type: Foam or non-foam
Thickness: 3.5, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 8, 9mm
Size: 1.2×15m, 0.9×15m (±2cm for width)
Weight (Varying with the thickness):
Thickness A (3.5mm): About 1.8kg/m2
Thickness B (4.5mm): About 2.1kg/m2
Thickness C (5mm): About 2.4kg/m2
Thickness D (5.5mm): About 2.7kg/m2
Thickness E (6mm): About 3.0kg/m2
Thickness F (6.5mm): About 3.2kg/m2
Thickness G (8mm): About 3.7kg/m2
Thickness H (9mm): About 3.9kg/m2

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