Rigid PVC Sheet

We offer a rigid PVC sheet in gray, beige or white. Custom colored PVC sheets are also available. Produced in compliance with the GB/T4454-1996 standards, our extruded PVC sheets have stable chemical properties, excellent insulation properties, high rigidity, and are resistant to aging, fire and heat, and corrosion.

As a good thermoforming material, our rigid PVC sheet serves as an affordable replacement for other anti-corrosive synthetic materials and is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electroplating, water treatment, mining, medical, electronic, and communication industries.

Specifications and Parameters of Rigid PVC Sheet
Thickness: 0.8~60mm
Width: 1000-1500mm
Length: 1000-5000mm; other length customizable
Regular size: 1000×2000, 1220×2440, 1300×2000, 1500×3000mm
Specific gravity: 1.4g/cm3~2.0g/cm3
Color: Grey, beige, ivory white, black, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, etc. It can be customized based on customers' requirements or the RAL industrial color swatch.
Finish: Smooth, ripple pattern, coin pattern, etc.
Packaging: The rigid PVC sheet will be covered with a layer of protective film on one side or both sides and then packed by pallet. One pallet is generally able to hold 1~2t plastic sheets.
Pallet size: The same as that of the PVC panel.
Pallet material: It is generally wood pallet with fumigation treatment.
Minimum order quantity: 5t
Container capacity: 20~27 tons, depending on the specific weight limit of the shipment company and the destination port
Production cycle: Within 7 days

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