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Silicone Rubber Sheet

1. Our silicone rubber sheet is a versatile material that withstands a wider temperature range than other synthetic rubber materials.
2. In addition to temperature, the silicone rubber material is also resistant to water and is a good electrical insulator.
3. This type of silicone rubber sheet has excellent stretching capabilities and elasticity.
4. Silicone rubber plates in our company are available in 50 to 60 durometers or other durometers on request..

The versatile and flexible silicone rubber sheets work in a wide range of applications in the industrial, residential and medical fields. With an average elongation of 400% and an average tensile strength of 900PSI (6Mpa), our silicone rubber sheeting can withstand most tough medical or gasket environments as well as heavy alkaline situations. These silicone rubber sheets are ideal for highly hygienic situations.

Being resistant to both chemicals and oil, our silicone rubber sheet is particularly useful in medical laboratories and food processing shops. It works well for situations where higher temperatures are needed, such as to make sealing units or shock resistant components for medical devices.

Specifications and Parameters

Thickness 0.1mm~80mm
Regular width 1, 1.2, 1.5m (max. 4m)
Length 10-30m in common or any length customized
Color Transparent, white, black, red, green, blue, grey, yellow, orange, etc.
Density/Specific gravity 1.2g/cm3~1.3g/cm3
Tensile strength 6~10MPa
Elongation at break 300~400%
Hardness 45-80 Shore A
Temperature range -120℃~300℃
Machining Cut into strips or pieces, punched, or stamped into gaskets
Minimum order quantity 50kg or 1 roll
Container capacity 19~22 tons, depending on weight restricted by the shipment company and the destination port
Delivery time 15 days for 20ft container
Packaging PP film, PP woven bag, pallet
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