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Non-Slip Rubber Sheet

This non-slip rubber sheet has excellent physical and mechanical properties. It is resistant to voltages of up to 660V and has passed the 43kV voltage test. As a good insulator, our slip-resistant rubber sheet works in dry environments with temperatures of -35~+100℃ and requiring high dielectric coefficients.

Our non-slip rubber sheet is widely used in transformer substations, power plants, power distribution rooms, laboratories and live-line work sites. The anti-slip electrical insulating rubber sheet can also serve as flooring for hotels, indoor stadiums, conference halls, gymnasiums, warehouses, kitchens or bathrooms.

Specifications and Parameters of Non-Slip Rubber Sheets

Thickness 3mm~8mm
Regular width 1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6m (max. 2m)
Length 10-30m in common or any length customized
Piece Type  Size 500×500mm, 600×600mm, 1220×1830mm, etc.
Pattern of the front surface Diamond, dots, studded, ribbed, checker, coin, strips, etc.
Back surface finish Smooth, textured (fabric impression) or cloth marked
Color Black, red, green, blue, grey, yellow, orange, etc. Solid color or blended color
Density/Specific gravity 1.4g/cm3~1.5g/cm3
Tensile strength 3~6MPa
Elongation at break 200~300%
Hardness 55-65 Shore A
Temperature range -30-80 centigrade degree
Minimum order quantity 200m2
Container capacity 19~25 tons, depending on weight restricted by the shipment company and the destination port
Delivery time 15 days for 20ft container
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