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Antistatic Rubber Mat

Our antistatic rubber mat is manufactured using electrostatic conductive materials, electrostatic dissipative material and synthetic rubbers. This ESD matting is often used in high grade laboratories and workshops for electronic semiconductor devices, computers, communication devices, and integrated circuits, as a table top mat, work surface mat, shelf mat or floor mat.

1. The antistatic rubber mat is durable, easy to clean and resistant to wear, acid, alkali and chemical fluxes.
2. It does not contain harmful substances like S, Hg, NH3+, or Pb.
3. This antistatic rubber mat transfers static electricity so that the electric potential of the human body is the same as that of the ESD instruments on the worktable, thus protecting the employee as well as static electricity sensitive devices (SSD).
4. Being elastic and tensile, our antistatic rubber mat will maintain its softness and flatness whether in warm or cold environments. Its four comers will not warp after the ESD mat has been laid on the floor or the table top.

Specification and Parameters
Width: 0.3m, 0.4m, 0.5m, 0.6m, 0.8m, 0.9m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.35m, 1.5m
Thickness: 2~5mm
Length: 10m, 20m or custom-made
Color: Green/black, blue/black, grey/black, black
Finish: Matte, glossy, patterned
Surface of the back: Smooth or textured
Specific gravity: 1.5g/cm3
Tensile strength: 4~8Mpa
Resistance value: Surface resistance: 106-109Ω; Bottom resistance: 103-105Ω
Static dissipation time: <0.01s
Temperature range: 80-150℃
Packing: Carton

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