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Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

1. This anti fatigue floor mat is naturally antistatic. The surface resistance of the floor matting is 108~109Ω and the surface resistance of the static electricity conducting layer is 103~105Ω.
2. Made of multi-layer composite rubber materials, our antistatic floor mat relieves the stress placed on feet when standing for a long time so you won’t feel as fatigued.
3. On the surface of the anti-fatigue floor mat, there is an antistatic warning mark indicating that the area covered by the mat is an ESD protected area.
4. The rubber matting is anti-slip, acid and alkali resistant, and convenient to clean.

1. Our anti fatigue floor mat can be used for local ESD protection in workshops.
2. It is an affordable option when renovating floor to be antistatic.
3. This anti-slip floor matting is ideal in work places where employees must stand for a long time, such as at supermarkets, gas stations, workshops, and laboratories.

Specification and Parameters of Anti Fatigue Floor Mat
Materials: PVC for the surface layer, EPDM foam rubber for the middle layer, NBR for the back layer; All layers are bonded together by strong adhesives.
Surface resistance value: 106Ω ~109Ω
Bottom resistance value: 103Ω ~105Ω
Size of rubber sheet: 900x600mm, 450x600mm, 508x1830mm, 508x762mm, 508x915mm,458x762mm
Width of rubber floor mat in rolls:
0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm
Length of rubber floor mat in rolls:
12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 20mm, 22mm
Regular color:
Black, Yellow, Grey
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