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Rubber Stable Mat

Our rubber stable mats are made from EVA, NR, SBR or EPDM materials, according to your needs.

Applications of Rubber Stable Mats
1. Floor of cowsheds, stables and pig houses in livestock farms, including sickroom and delivery room floors
2. Trucks that transport livestock
3. Softball fields

1. As this rubber stable mat is easy to clean of animal waste, it improves the environment of the livestock.
2. The rubber mat for stable is non-toxic, reusable and environmental-friendly. It is able to bear heavy weight and won't be easily damaged by normal wear and tear, feces, or urine.
3. Our comfortable rubber stable mat helps with the blood circulation of livestock when lying down.
4. This rubber stable matting is fungi and bacteria proof, anti-slip, and shock-absorptive, protecting livestock from diseases and accidental injuries, so that the livestock will stay healthy and live longer.

Specifications and Parameters of Rubber Stable Mat

Specific gravity 1.25~1.5g/cm3
Working temperature -30℃~80℃
Tensile strength 3~10Mpa
Hardness 60~70 Shore A
Elongation 150%~300%
Regular size of rubber mat in sheet form 4ft×6ft (1220×1830mm)
Regular thickness of rubber mat in sheet form 11mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm, 30mm
Regular thickness of rubber mat in roll form 4mm~25mm
Regular width of rubber mat in roll form 0.6m~2.2m
Pattern of back Grooved, textured or patterned
Regular color Black

Way of packaging: Pallet
Minimum order quantity: 100pcs
Loading Quantity in 20GP Container: 400-800PCS
Delivery time: 10 days

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